Why Honey?

Why not? Honey has many beneficial properties. Research has shown that honey:

  • Can reduce allergy symptoms. 
  • Can reduce inflammation
  • Can assist in wound healing
  • Boosts immunity
  • Aids in cough and sore throat 
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Lower Blood pressure and Cholesterol 

Honey is not just for tea! There are many ways to use honey. That is why Herb Fuzion offers many flavors for you to experiment with. 

Try our Lemon Ginger honey  or Peppermint with just hot water!

Try our Chili Mango or Chili Pineapple as a salad dressing!

Use our Strawberry, Mango or Blueberry in your favorite smoothie!

Try our Onion Honey on your favorite Chicken or as a cough suppressant. 

Step outside the box and place our Get Well Honey on your favorite toast! Try it! we guarantee that you will love it! 


*Disclaimer: Herb Fuzion does not diagnose, treat, or cure. Please consult with your physician before using honey as for medicinal purposes. *

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